SWISS MUSIC LABEL celebrates great music and enables international music talent to grow and develop. Are you a music lover that needs your music to be produced, join the music ecosystem, or bring you to your next level? If so, you are at the right address.

Creation of music brands

The areas we focus on are:

  • music production & recording
  • connecting music talents
  • building visibility of your music brand


Music runs in Olivier Landerer’s veins. He has been playing music since the age of seven. He has travelled the world, growing up in Africa, Asia and Europe. He likes a wide range of genres and focuses on the person behind the music.

Currently Olivier is perfectioning his music production skills at Point Blank, Music School in London.

Olivier Landerer in the Swiss mountains, Zermatt.


Feel free to reach out by email olivierlanderer@gmail.com or by phone +41 (0)79 225 8108.